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Ala Owerri Video Song by Shama Melody

Ala Owerri – The beautiful igbo culture is on display in this video.

From the dancing, to the food and the beautiful outfits, this beautiful video from Shama Melody showcases the rich Nigerian culture of the Igbo people. So next time you are visiting Nigeria, take a trip to Owerri. You will enjoy it.

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This is a beautiful song that uniquely identifies that current situation of the Igbo people. As Igbo people, we are faced with hard situations every day. If we are not able to find a way to laugh, we’d certainly grow old quickly. Shama’s sounds are guaranteed to take you back to the Mother Land. Don’t enjoy the album alone.


Album: Akpula Gi
Song Name: Ala Owerri
Artists: Shama Melody & Teams
Making, Promotion and Publishing: Veemost Productions Inc.

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